Disease Management Solutions for Employers

Accordant provides disease management solutions that can help improve the quality of life for your employees who suffer from rare chronic illnesses, while increasing workplace productivity and decreasing absenteeism. Accordant offers employers:

Positive employee health outcomes and reduction in overall health care costs through activities such as nurse-based health promotion and education.
Enhanced employee health status and satisfaction through programs that provide personalized counseling, individualized treatment plans, and online health education tools.
Customized solutions that help meet the unique needs of an employee population with rare, chronic conditions.

Business PeopleAccordant provides detailed quarterly activity reports on enrollment and targeting profiles, along with phone contact and mailing activity, to demonstrate the value our programs provide your organization. Annually, we track, measure and report outcomes in four key areas:

Health care costs and resource utilization
Clinical indicators of health improvement and treatment compliance
Quality of life (member functionality and health status)
Member satisfaction

Accordant provides a total disease management solution designed to help you enhance the health of your employees while controlling escalating health care costs. To start securing the benefits of our results-driven, member-centered solutions, please call 1-800-948-2497 for more information.