Enhancing the Healthcare Experience

At Accordant, we're dedicated to helping people better understand and manage their health for longer, more productive and active lives. Our experienced and supportive health care professionals provide education, motivation and support to help members gain greater control of their health.


Our services include:

Personalized counseling and support
Individualized treatment plans
Educational materials with timely and informative health information
Online health resources and tools

If you are an Accordant member, click here to visit the Accordant member Web site.

Member Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights

As a member of AccordantCare™ you have rights, which include the right to:

know about your health, your disease, and treatment options;
share in making choices about your health;
be treated in a kind way;
have your personal and health information stay private and safe;
know what we do to keep your information private and who can see it;
know about our agreement with your health plan;
know when we are open for business and the background of our staff;
get information that is right and easy to read;
comment on our program at any time; and
ask for a new nurse team or speak to a supervisor at any time.

Your Responsibilities

As a member of AccordantCare, you have certain things to do that can help your success. You are responsible for:

being active in your own health care by asking questions and talking about concerns
working with your doctor and your AccordantCare nurse to develop an action plan, and then following the advice of your health care team to improve your health
providing your AccordantCare nurse with information needed to better help you manage your health
notifying your AccordantCare nurse and your doctor if you decide to withdraw from the program