Improving Patient Outcomes

Accordant is committed to strengthening physician and patient relationships. Our prevention, education and early intervention-focused services (including improved treatment compliance) support physician care management strategies.

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Accordant notifies physicians via telephone and fax of significant changes in their patients' health. Our nurses support treatment regimens by developing individualized care management plans that encourage condition-appropriate behaviors, such as proper medication use and regular physician follow-up. Nurses also facilitate any necessary prescribed treatment plan modifications. Additionally, our health care professionals, including nurses and resource specialists, can help coordinate referrals and ancillary services and assist with patient education and benefit management.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Accordant uses evidence-based clinical practice guidelines or involves board-certified practitioners from appropriate specialties to develop guidelines for conditions for which a nationally recognized guideline is not available. These guidelines are the basis for Accordant's health management programs. Accordant periodically reviews government research sources and clinical or technical literature to ensure that the most current guidelines are used.

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